October 19, 2018

Sessions Oct. 19, 2018 – Guests – In The City

Our condolences. Canadian pop duo join Barry and Matt in studio to discuss how the loss of a family member led to the creation of a wonderful song. “Best Time,” a celebration of life, is the song in question and Ashley and Timon talk about its genesis and how it felt recording something as personal as a song about the death of your mother. The two are open and affable and chat about how they linked up and the process involved in writing music together. From placements on Canadian TV to working with the Canadian Film Centre, the two are busy creating unique and beautiful music. The boys discuss New Kids on The Block and tackle cannabis and spiders on Crazy Stories. A Pause For Thought talks The Dark Knight. In My Life is about replacements. All that and much more. It’s Friday and weed is legal in Canada! Time for a Session? Listen On SoundCloud

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