October 26, 2018

Sessions, Oct. 26th, 2018 – Guests – Buck N’ Nice

Hip hop from the capital. Canadian Hip-hop duo Buck n’ Nice join Barry and Matt to shed some light on the Canadian hip-hop scene. Creators of socially conscious rap, the guys discuss the faults of the industry, streaming and how its affecting the up and coming artists and their thoughts on the masters of the art form. Hassan and Brandon are affable and intense wrapped into a wonderful package made from late 90’s inspired sonics with some masterful wordplay thrown in for good measure. Matt revels in a discussion about Drake’s place in the artform. The opening track debuts where, speaking of Drake, the guys look at the latest record he’s smashed. Crazy Stories gets into holding your number 2 for a long, long, long time… A Pause for Thought leans on Jann Arden. In My Life talks geography. All that and a little more thrown in for good measure. Sit back and enjoy some bounce on a Friday. Listen On SoundCloud

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