October 5, 2018

Sessions, Oct. 5, 2018 – Guest – Christina Martin

The long and winding road. Christina Martin, singer/songwriter, joins Sessions to talk about the story, that is almost too unbelievable to be true, that led her to music. Through extreme tragedy, false starts, missteps and the like, Christina outlines her humble beginnings that led her to be playing for the Queen. There’s a sense of hope and wonder when hearing Christina discuss how music found her and she ran with it. Kurt Nielsen joins Barry and Matt on the Bassline to talk about the nocturnal adventures of the fab four. You’ll never think of the walrus the same way. Crazy Stories talks buckshot, window washing, goats, urine and helicopters. Like we said… crazy. A Pause for Thought dives into the films of Canadian filmmaker James Cameron. In My Life is about missed opportunities and rekindling flames. All that and more. Christina is impossible to hold back, just listen. Listen On SoundCloud

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