September 21, 2018

Sessions, Sept 21, 2018 – Guest – Bif Naked

A survivor. Bif Naked, Canadian rocker, song writer and breast cancer survivor, invited Barry into her home for an extensive chat. The two discuss her humble beginnings, her relationship with geography and the trials and tribulations associated with life on the road. Her health and the curveballs tossed her way are also chatted on. All of it fodder for songs, Bif is candid when touching on a myriad of topics, not the least of which is getting involved with bad people during the pursuit of her dreams. She’s frank, she’s warm and her insight into the music business is wonderful. You’re gonna love it. Crazy Stories talks The Nintendo Entertainment System and snake on snake crime. Josh Matlow of Seat Giant stops by to award $200 to a lucky winner. A Pause for Thought measures weight. In My Life unloads on stage. Time to get Naked, sorta. Let’s pull back the curtain on a wonderful personality. It’s Friday. Let’s have a Session. Listen On SoundCloud

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