September 7, 2018

Sessions, Sept. 7, 2018 – Guest – Annie Bonsignore

The sweet sound of South Africa. Annie Bonsignore, singer/songwriter, joined Barry and Matt, in studio, to talk about her journey from South Africa to Canada and the music she’s made along the way. Annie is a vocal teacher, performer and songwriter and her story is fascinating. Its rife with ups and downs and trends to the spiritual when she discusses the darkest periods of her life that led to her opening herself up the universe and the how if affected her writing process. Accompanied by her unborn daughter, Annie was open and affable and a joy to speak with. Kurt Nielsen joins Barry and Matt on the Bassline to talk about Taylor Swift’s free agency. Yeah. You read that right. Crazy News talks stingrays and ticks in places you’d prefer not to have them. A Pause for Thought touches on Eminem’s basement. In My Life is all about getting closer to band night. All that and much more. Its Sessions time. Listen On SoundCloud

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