Something Big Is Happening at NSR Media

By: Alexander Parsan. Posted in: Company Updates,Outta the Court(Blogs) Outta the Park(Blogs) Sessions(Blogs) on January 13, 2019

To Our Dearest Listeners,

Something big is happening. Get excited. We’ve got some exciting news to share with you!

On January 27th, Outta the Park will be airing on the brand new Sauga960 AM Radio! From nine to noon on Sunday, catch Barry and Matt hosting a three-hour long, live version of OTP! Throughout the show, we’ll be airing parts of our regular interviews and segments across all three of our shows, plus your favourite interviews from the archives and an all-new LIVE call-in edition of Ask Barry Davis!  Sauga960 AM is available through most parts of the GTA on the radio and you can tune in live at

You can still get Outta The Park, Sessions, and Outta the Court right here on, iTunes, SoundCloud, Google Play and Stitcher. You’ll also still be able to enjoy our prize draws, giveaways, and our exclusive members-only show through our membership program for as little as $3 per month.

But wait… there’s more! Barry Davis will be hosting his own solo show, “The Spin” on Sauga960 AM! The Spin will feature Barry discussing sports, music, and entertainment and giving his own “spin” on the topic. You’ll be able to catch Barry on “The Spin” Monday-Friday from 7pm-8pm on Sauga960 AM.

A huge thank you to Mike Richards and the whole team at Sauga960 AM. Their support and interest in Outta the Park was instrumental.

Finally, on behalf of the entire team here at NSR Media, from Barry, Matt, Jen, Michelle, and Alex, we want to thank you, our incredible listeners for making this all happen.  From tweeting and sharing with your friends to your continued listenership each and every week, without you, there would be no Outta the Park.

Thank you for making us a part of your week!

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