January 28, 2019

Thank You!

What a whirlwind it’s been.

On January 9th, the NSR team got a message from Matt asking us to be available for a conference call that night.  For context purposes, most of our business is conducted via email or by text, so a conference call meant something was up.

This is when we learned that Outta the Park was going to the radio. Matt was DANGEROUSLY EXCITED (as he is wont to be) and Barry was cautiously optimistic as the paperwork had not yet been signed.  Jen, Alex and I were thrilled for the two of them, and that all of the hard work the three of us – as well as others before us – have put in to make NSR’s shows a success.

Barry and Matt have since worked tirelessly to get everything planned out.  Not only is there a three hour show on Sundays, but Barry will be on daily for an hour every evening.  That’s a lot of planning! Alex has been working on the website whilst trying to study for his exams. Jen’s been creating graphics and logos and investigating the possibility of streaming live video to while on the air.  I’ve been doing what I do, booking guests, writing and scheduling social media, research, etc. Barry and Matt have been the busiest of the group, but basically the five of us have been very busy beavers (did you listen to the show this morning? This reference was intentional).

Fast forward to today.  It’s Sunday, January 27th.  The first official broadcast has come and gone.  We spent three hours on the air live, we took calls, we talked to guests live, we played some recorded interviews.  We had some gaffs… there were a couple of instances of the mics being hot while we thought they weren’t, there were a couple of calls that didn’t seem to want to be answered.  But overall…everything was really smooth! It was a huge success!

Thank you!  Thank you to Barry and to Matt for allowing me to be involved.  Thank you to Alex and to Jen for everything you both do to make this a success.  Thank you to everyone who listened! Thank you to Jules, Gemma, Crystal, Annamae, Arlene and Jai for calling in!  Thank you to Joty at Sauga960AM for all of your help and support today!

The show was great before we got to radio…it will continue to be great.  And we’re going to have a lot of fun bringing it to you.

As Barry says at the end of every show…

Thank you, for making us a part of your week!

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