The Best Outta The Park Moments Pt. 2 Dec 31, 2017

By: admin. Posted in: on December 31, 2017

Ohhh baby. This be a thing. In pt. 2 of The Best Moments of 2017 Barry and Matt touch on some now legendary segments. From talking with former Blue Jay Roy Halladay, to Dioner Navarro revealing something he hadn’t told anyone, 2017 was full of “whoa” moments. John Gibbons chimes in from the side of the road… Seriously.
Alana Pants’ debut question and talk of vasectomy’s in stadiums all feature. Laughs, gas and talks of ummm…. bums… weigh heavily.
The first OTP blooper reel features. Ohh boy. Bleeps, burps and buffoonery are exactly what you’d expect from two men with mics and an audience. Its all here. The reason you keep tuning in. Lock it in. The final Outta The Park of 2017. Thanks for making us a part of your week. Listen On SoundCloud

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