August 20, 2018

The John Gibbons Debate…

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Loyal listener, Susan Ross, posited the comment below:

It’s not the Manager’s fault that there has been so many injuries. No Donaldson or Tulo has hurt all year long.  And what’s with all these blisters???  This is ridiculous.  Also as soon as the Osuna situation happened – why oh why did the top brass not go out and get another closer. Surely they knew how long court cases can drag on. Instead Gibby had to rely on bullpen relief and not one of them were reliable as a legitimate closer until they got Giles.  How anyone can blame Gibby for anything is beyond me.  He’s not the one with the bat or ball in his hand.  I’d give him a long term contract with a big raise. He deserves it with what he has had to put up with this year.

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