Will he stay or will he go?

*** This article was originally posted on Crowe Soberman’s website.  Adam Scherer was gracious enough to loan it to us.  Visit Crowe Soberman.*** Ka’whi Canadian Tax may not be so bad for Leonard. Four bounces off the rim… and in! A thundering slam dunk over the presumptive NBA MVP. Nailing […]

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Life Finds A Way…

Can the Raptors get up in the kitchen of the Warriors? The Toronto Raptors, from the start of their existence, have never been placed in a position to succeed. They were positioned in a difficult market in a country dominated by hockey fans. However, 24 years later the Toronto Raptors […]

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The Shot

If you are a Raptors fan, I probably don’t need to remind you that the franchise has not been all that successful. It severely struggled for a very long time and, in its early years, the only highlight was beating Jordan’s 72-win Bulls. Since then, most years have ended in […]

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Life Finds A Way

The Toronto Raptors are currently in first place in the NBA closing in on December; now before you go rolling your eyes hear me out. I am a huge believer in the regular season only having so much weight on how a team truly performs in a season and that […]

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Who’s The Best

A Case For Each Of The Top 4 Raptors Of All-time. With former Raptors GM Grunwald on Outta the Park this week, and the debate raging on social media as to whom the best Raptor of all time is, I felt compelled to weigh in with my thoughts. Years before […]

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