Cover Art of the Year – 2018

We need your help to pick the best of the best – cover art! Help the NSR Media Staff choose the best Cover Art of the Year! It’s simple. Fill out the Google Form below,  pick your favourites from each category and get entered to win a secret raffle prize. […]

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Honest Hits From Honors

Acknowledging the bands transition from the old to the new. In the music industry every act is tasked with being honest and truthful to themselves and their fans. In the case of Tyler Armes, Cam Hunter, Patrick Gillett, and Andrew Martino, the successful tenure of Down with Webster was put […]

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Tom Petty: The Friend I Never Met

Why do we feel such loss when someone we don’t know passes away? I can’t even count how many messages I’ve received, sending condolences my way, on the passing of Tom Petty. I wasn’t fortunate to have had a chance to meet the man, but many who have say; if […]

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Barry’s All Time Best Albums

The wonderful thing about music is how personal it is. One person’s gold is someone else’s crap. My only rule when compiling this list was to choose only 1 album per artist. So, I now present my top 30 albums of all-time, in no particular order, other than my #1. […]

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