December 2, 2017

Who Is Brian Jeroloman?

Little known former Blue Jay with a wealth of experiences.

Brian Jeroloman has become a regular contributor to Outta the Park. His stories are always entertaining, and his experiences and knowledge of the game are vast. One question I continue to receive from listeners though is; “Who the hell is Brian Jeroloman?” Great question!

Brian Jeroloman is a now retired catcher, who was drafted by the Blue Jays in the 6th round in 2006 and spent 7 seasons in their minor league system. He was once called up by the Jays and spent 37 days on the active roster, but never saw 1 inning of action. More on that story in a bit.

When spring training gets rolling the majority of players with no realistic shot at making the team get sent to minor league camp. However, catchers often get to hang with the big leaguers since the quantity of pitchers in camp necessitates guys to squat behind the plate and catch them. Jeroloman is one of those guys. During his time with the Jays, he had opportunity to catch guys like Roy Halladay, AJ Burnett, BJ Ryan and J.A Happ. I honestly think he should write a book one day. Not only has he compiled all these stories, he has the ability to articulate them. It’s no coincidence that so many ex-catchers become broadcasters or managers.

Check out his story about the first time he caught Halladay on August 30th’s midweek episode of Outta the Park.

His most compelling story however, came in 2013, playing with the Washington Nationals AA team in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. It was Sept 23rd and his team, the Senators, was in a playoff game with the Erie SeaWolves. Erie’s Brandon Douglas was trying to score from third, and barreled over Jeroloman, in what was one of the most horrific home plate collisions you’ll ever see. To hear him recall this story, on Episode 15 of Outta the Park, is mind numbing.

Thankfully, Brian is now fully recovered from that brutal incident. Unfortunately, a number of other injuries, which are common for catchers, have forced him to retire. The good news is, he’s been more than happy to share his stories with us and he’ll continue to make appearances on OTP.

As for that call up story?

It was August 23rd, 2011, and the Jays had just traded Aaron Hill and John McDonald to Arizona for Kelly Johnson, and with a roster spot open, called up Jeroloman. The Jays already had JP Arencibia and Jose Molina on the roster so the move seemed to be odd, but hey, you never can have enough catchers. Here’s where the story gets bizarre. Despite spending the rest of the season on the active roster, he never saw action. Not even a sniff. No pinch hitter, running, or defensive replacement. In fact, you won’t see his name anywhere if you look up that 2011 roster. It’s like he wasn’t even there. So why was he called up if there was no intention of ever letting him play? It turns out he was injured with a sprained right wrist, but for some reason, the Jays never placed him on the DL. That was as close as he would come to making it to the show.

We all know there has to be a lot more to this story, but I think it’s better to save it for him to tell on a future episode.

Listen to Brian Jeroloman on Ep. 25 of #OuttaThePark:

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