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The Spin: Monday-Thursday from 7-8pm

From 7pm-8pm every weeknight, former Sportsnet Toronto Blue Jays sideline reporter, Barry Davis, takes to the airwaves on Sauga960 AM to bring you his “spin” on music, sports, and entertainment. Miss a show live?

Outta the Park Radio: Sunday from 9am-12pm

Outta the Park is live on Sauga960AM every Sunday! Get your weekly dose from the world of Toronto Sports. In three hours you’ll get your fix of baseball as well as some basketball and hockey. Listen to interviews with Toronto Blue Jays players past, current, and future, as well as the stories of those around the game.

We’ll be taking YOUR calls LIVE on air! Call in with your own questions and opinions. The number to call is: (416)-640 -0200