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Go Backstage

Released weekly every Friday, Sessions lets you get in-depth with veteran and up and coming, young artists! Hosted and produced by professional Toronto drummer, drum instructor, hip-hop artist and producer Matt McFarland, and former Blue Jays Sportsnet reporter Barry Davis, Sessions brings you backstage with bands and artists from a wide variety of different styles, genres, and eras, as well as touching on strange and wild news stories in “Crazy News From Around The World”, presenting a pensive “Pause for Thought” and a look into Barry’s young life in the 80s starting a band, as he reads from his journal in “In My Life”. Let’s Have A Session!


Finally, every week Sessions, a musician is featured. From legendary musicians to up and coming young artists, Matt and Barry truly go “backstage” with the musicians, showcasing their work and giving music fans an opportunity to learn about new music and get closer to their favourite artists across a wide variety of genres and styles!

The Opening Track

Time for your weekly dose of music talk! The boys are often joined by Kurt Nielsen, one of the most talented and versatile young bass players in the industry who stops by to chat about news and gossip in the music world.

Crazy News

Barry and Matt kick off the show by discussing a crazy news story relating to music, movies, entertainment or just something they find INSANE! Crazy News gets so bonkers, you’ll have to listen to find out for yourself.

Pause for Thought

The show takes a “Pause for Thought” while Matt the Producer takes the time to share an inspirational quote or story relating to life, to give everyone something to reflect on. The segment is always terrific giving something for interested listeners to ponder.

In My Life

Barry shares his High School experiences in the 80s, by reading a journal he kept during one school year. We learn about young Barry and his journey to his High School’s band night. From leading his own band to his failed attempts at chasing after girls, we get a glimpse at Barry’s self-proclaimed “pathetic” young life.

Listen For Yourself!

The best way to experience what the Sessions podcast has to offer is to listen for yourself. Find Sessions iTunesĀ or Sticher! Add Sessions and all our shows to your favourite podcast player, phone or other device by clicking the link here!